actions to generate added value to the dairy sector

The Cheese Instituto, based on its multidisciplinary team ant its international network of alliances, works on different projects depending on the needs of the client. Each thematic area of work develops unique and innovative projects adapted to the desired circumstances.

Within the Science and Technology area, the projects respond to the need to generate added value directly to the client from a scientifically validated perspective and discourse. The Cheese Institute believes in the need to apply scientific basis and novel technologies to the cheese sector in order to promote the knowledge of the food of the future.

In Strategic Positioning, completely personalized proposals and projects are developed, which are aligned with the entity’s business objectives and are aimed at differentiating each of the clients.

The Cheese Business Factory creates and accelerates unique projects of high innovative value in the field of raw milk and cheese in order to recognize cheese as the food of the future and as vehicle for innovation.

On the other hand, the Cheese Institute owns several private brands, such as International Cheese Festival, Cheese Talent or the Forum for Dairy Innovation, whose main objective is to promote and highlight the importance of the high-value cheese productions by providing the necessary scientific basis and rigor for their positioning in the food of the future.

Our own brand projects are:


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