generate an added value to the dairy sector which is based on a science perspective


The science and technology area of the Cheese Institute responds to the need to generate a direct added value to companies of grater or lesser size that produce and market milk and cheese,  and indirectly and in collaboration with private and public entities working in rural economic development from a scientifically validated perspective and in line with the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe strategies.

The Cheese Institute promotes its own projects as well as projects in collaboration in order to obtain the scientific basis and new technologies necessary to advice our clients more efficiently and to promote the global knowledge of the important value of the food in the future and, in particular, of the essential role of raw milk and cheese in the future of food.

Having a committee of international experts allows the Cheese Institute to work in terms of prospective trends related to health, sustainable production, new consumption habits and technological advances in other sectors applicable to agri-food production.


Technical Secretary

Among the services offered by the Cheese Institute through the area of science and technology, it is worth highlighting:


R&D&I projects

  • R&D&I projects coordination.
  • Partner agreements.
  • Companies and research centerscoordination.
  • Scientific advice for novel technological developments.


Specialised training and education

  • Organization and teaching of specialised courses.
  • Training and assistance to professional teams related to HORECA and distribution sectors.


Scientific blog

The Cheese Institute has created a blog specialised in raw milk and cheese, based entirely on verified and quality scientific information. It will carry out the global dissemination of topics of interest such as scientific and technological advances, health, welfare or food quality and safety.


Events and transfer seminars and conferences



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