Cheese Business Factory

 Singular projects creation laboratory

The Cheese Business Factory is the space generated within the Cheese Institute to create, develop and promote singular projects of high innovative value in the field of raw milk and cheese, related with the launch of new business and educational initiatives that stimulate the recognition of cheese as food of the future, improving its visibility and promoting its consumption as sustainable food of the future and of great quality.


Transformational Co-Creation

Through the Cheese Business Factory, the Cheese Institute will promote the creation and development of singular initiatives based on its vast resources and skills:


Singular brand imaging.

Human team trained in highly specialised consulting.

Deep knowledge of new trends and technological advances.

Advice for the launch and driving of projects for third parties.

In this innovation space, the Cheese Institute will welcome all our strategic allies who wish to carry out innovative ideas to encourage the recognition of raw milk and cheese, both nationally and internationally. The Cheese Business Factory will pay special attention to the creation of international and multidisciplinar synergies in order to generate and develop novel business initiatives of a totally innovative nature.


The Cheese Institute will select and support business or educational singular projects that contribute to the positioning of raw milk and cheese, provided they are aligned with the strategic mission of the Institute itself.




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