the most innovative thing is to continue evolving

Continuous education and training in terms of science, innovations and technology, of professionals belonging to the dairy value chain sector is of high importance for their survival. For this reason, the Cheese Institute designs and teaches specific courses for groups or entities that request it.

Among our collaborations, we can highlight:


The Cheese Institute collaborates with Cebanc in training for employment, aimed at both active professionals and people in working transition processes, providing the necessary qualification for their professional life.

Specifically, the Cheese Institute directs the Cheese Tasting course, which aims to train its attendees so that they acquire the ability to asses a cheese through its organoleptic analysis. The profile of attendees includes gastronomy professionals, businessmen and women from agri-food sector, workers from hospitality industry, etc.

The course covers different important aspects to consider cheese as food: history and origin, typology, technological processes, quality, composition or nutritional properties, among others.



It is a training entity approved by Junta de Castilla y León, for the delivery of certified courses, which is born from the training branch of the Agrarian and Agriffd Technological Center.

The Cheese Institute collaborates with Itagra by delivering training actions aimed at the agricultural sector. Specifically, the Cheese Institute participates in an online course on Innovations in the Cheese Sector for workers of the agricultural and agri-food sectors and those interested in joining these sectors.

The course aims to promote the adaptations of the cheese sector to current innovation; that is, to the fast and continuous evolution of consumers’ eating habits, to the emergence of novel technological applications, to the development of new manufacturing processes or to the demand, by the market, for innovative products.

The course covers several aspects of Innovation, as well as an analysis of the current situation of the raw milk cheese sector, which sustains tradition together with modernity, placing a value on a quality raw material that is an ambassador of the diversity of a region.



It is a business institution that is part of an international network, giving its qualifications international validity. It works directly with companies, helping them to be born, grow and go abroad, training both students who are starting their specializations and workers in continuous updating.

Specifically, the School of Hospitality has the mission of contributing to the professionalization of the Hospitality sector through the training of its workers. The Cheese Institute collaborates with them in specialized training.

Specifically, the Cheese Institute participates in the Cheesemaster Superior Course – Cheese Expert, which is a specialized and professional program designed for students in order to acquire a solid basis in the world of cheese, covering a wide range of aspects, from knowledge of the product to organoleptic analysis and its handling and preservation.


It is a pioneer institution in gastronomy where training, innovation, research and entrepreneurship coexist with the aim of developing and promoting gastronomy.

The Cheese Institute has collaborated with BCC through the teaching of classes in its masters on knowledge for the incorporation of cheese in restaurants.


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