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“Luisa and her team are defining an Innovative Business Model for the raw milk sector that will provide expertise and professionalism from several Innovation strategies: Science & Technology, Market Transfer, Creativity, Business Development. These are determinant elements for the sector Competitiveness worldwide”

MARISA ARRIOLA NIETO Managing Director BIC Gipuzkoa

“I don’t think there could be a more suitable project than Cheese Institute. It is an organization that will contribute to the culture and knowledge development of products that belong to the essence of spanish gastronomic traditions”

JOSE CARLOS CAPEL President of the Gastronomic Congress Madrid Fusión

“Cheese Institute is a great opportunity to build a neccessary co-creation space in order to point out the value of people, companies and public institutions that could develop their future in an international context, where cheese will act as vehicle to ensure the stability of its social and economic environment. This is the only way to preserve a historical and gastronomic value for the future of a society that heads towards a sustainable planet”

CARLOS YESCAS Director of Oldways Cheese Coalition (USA) and LACTEO

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